HOT for 2018

If your New Year’s resolution is to embrace a change in your home or office (whether it is a renovation or a refresh) here are some HOT ideas! 


Office spaces in 2018 are further exploring the concept of ‘creative workspaces’ by creating areas in the office that are more personalized where employees can  collaborate, converse and connect.  In this ever increasingly digital world, it has been evidenced that employees from around the globe seek the uniqueness and authenticity in their workspace to be more engaged and productive.  Designers are creating these spaces through textured materials and muted colours to provide a sense of comfort and rejuvenation.  Check out this high tech workspace that is also inviting and cozy!

matte black finishes

In 2017, we loved matte brass accenting our homes in lighting, faucets and hardware. Whereby warm metals are still an elegant, sleek change from the chrome that has ruled the metals for so long...

...we now have a crush on matte black!  You will see more of this durable, versatile feature in our kitchen faucets, refrigerators, pendant lights over the island, and window frames.  This look is so versatile and works well in all types of design; contemporary, traditional and rustic.  And why not mix matte brass, chrome and matte black together!!

colour in the kitchen

Not to worry, white will continue to be the premier colour choice for kitchen cabinetry, but we are hankering for some fun, so this year you will see more colour brought in to break up sterile, cool kitchens.  Gradually we will see shades of grey and blue in the island cabinetry or coloured tile accenting the white surroundings.  Even better - a touch of wood brought in to enhance the all-white.  Whether it is added in by hardwood floors, shelves, beams or islands, we welcome the warmth into our homes during the cooler months of winter.

antibacterial counter tops

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a countertop that took care of the salmonella that lives on your countertop as you prep the raw chicken for dinner?  Porcelanosa has created a product called Krion for your counters, which is non-porous, low maintenance and 100% recyclable. Brilliant idea!