Secondary Suites - Part 1


Secondary suites are gaining momentum and City wide acceptance. There are two main categories: 1 - backyard (lane homes) 2 - within main dwelling (often in the basement). They offer a great solution for multigenerational living, income generation, and increasing the value of your property. IDEALAB is currently hard at work on permitting for a carriage house style backyard suite in Bowness for a forward thinking client who sees the benefit of 2 generations sharing a property, while maintaining independence.

If this sounds like a great opportunity, but the thought of adding a suite within your home or separately on your property seems daunting to you, you are not alone. The good news it the City has initiatives, tools, and information in place to help break it down and assist homeowners and their consultant in assessing feasibility and obtaining necessary permits. A great starting point is this link, which allows you to easily assess if your property is zoned for a secondary suite, and whether a development permit exemption applies. For more inspired reasons to develop a secondary suite, check out this video clip