Secondary Suite - RC1S Rezoning

Have you ever considered maximizing your land use, or adding a secondary suite to accommodate an aging family member? With all the current initiatives available through the City of Calgary, now is the time to do it! In some cases, development permit fees are even waived in an effort to incentivize this investment in the City’s densification.

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We are pleased to be part of this movement and are celebrating our latest approval to rezone an RC1 to an RC1S allowing for a secondary suite on an existing parcel of land that would have previously been ineligible.  Sonia presented and argued the benefits of this development at City hall this January, which was the culmination of a 6-month process of community and City review. When the final votes were cast it was clear that urban density is still a hot topic in established communities, but Mayor Nenshi’s vote carried the motion to a big yes! The carriage house style structure illustrated above will be further developed as we move through the next phases in the process.